Leader Spotlight: President & CEO, Jesha

For our first blog post we interviewed Triton, Inc. President and CEO, Jesha on how her growth within the company has helped her to be successful.
Jesha, resident and CEO of Triton, Inc., delivers promotion speech.
Jesha, President and CEO of Triton, Inc., giving her promotion speech.
Jesha’s History

Jesha oversees the San Diego market for residential solar renovation. Her role entails strategic acquisition of clients through a consultative approach through providing awareness of different programs available for different client needs. She acts as a liaison between potential clients and the executive team to provide more options suitable for what the market needs.

Before being a part of Triton Inc. she spent her undergraduate in the University of California Berkeley. She then graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Anthropology in 2012 and started pursuing her passion for social entrepreneurship. Being able to utilize technology as means to alleviate social issues, such as the current energy crisis, is one of the things she is working with alongside supporting a separate foundation in the Philippines to help under privileged high school students find scholarships to fund for school.

Jesha is passionate about leaving a legacy for future generations through empowering leaders and provide them necessary skill sets for success both in the for-profit and non-profit sectors, at the same time making sure that we leave future generations a better and greener place.

We interviewed Jesha to get a first hand perspective on her journey in the company.
Triton Inc's President, Jesha Casenas
Jesha, Triton Inc. President and CEO
What was your strength as an assistant manager?
My strength as an Assistant Manager was probably building relationships with people inside and outside of the office. I love to see people win at life and at work. I try to invest my time to help those who are driven, hard working, and ambitious people in the office especially with the Entry Levels. I know that this definitely helped me when I was once in their shoes. Now I definitely am trying to pay it forward.
What was your area of improvement?
Time and priority management for sure. It is vital as I take more and more responsibilities. It definitely is a very important skill that I want to master.
What is the biggest lesson that you’ve learned?
I’ve learned that we deserve where we are at in the business. And if you are not where you want to be in your career, it is because there’s still things that you need to learn to get to the next level.
What is your advice for the next person?
Everyone goes through a maturity process in the business from Entry Level to Management. It will take some time to be ready for the next position you are going to take on. So be patient with yourself. Always keep in mind a growth mindset.
What book would you recommend?
I highly recommend Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. I love the fact that he takes a social anthropological approach on success. I am not going to spoil anything for you so go pick up that book (or audiobook).
What is your next step or goal?
The next step is to dominate San Diego, not only with sales but also by providing the same opportunity to others who are hungry for it. I want to be able to empower more people by helping them find themselves and how they fit in the bigger picture of things. I want to be able to make sure to add value to those I work with and have fun along the way. It will be a very exciting beating the other solar offices this year.

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