Hard work, passion, and genuine care for her team are all qualities that have made Mariah Olivera successful at Triton, Inc.  Find our more about Mariah in her official Triton Solar SD bio!

Mariah writes on white board.
Mariah leads a small crew meeting at the white board.

Mariah worked her way to Senior Energy Consultant in April 2014 and since then has been a vital member of the team. She has pushed standards in the whole organization since beginning as an entry level and now serves in a key role as a member of the core team for Triton Inc. We call her 10k baby because she was the first person in the company to reach a personal profit of $10,000 in one week. She is consistently a top performer across all of our offices and has a huge passion for developing the people on her team into strong leaders. Mariah’s team is closer to a family than anything, with her other nickname among her team being “mama bear”.

Prior to her position with Triton Inc, she worked with the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority as a Funding Analyst, supporting homeless services throughout LA County. Mariah completed her Master’s degree in Public Policy at Mills College with a focus on environmental policy. During her Master’s program, she served as a consultant with The City of Oakland Department of Housing & Community Development and as a Teaching Assistant for the Lorry I. Lokey School of Business at Mills College.

Mariah holding up prize in envelope and certificate.
Mariah, senior solar energy consultant, holding up her certificate and prize for being the top sales representative in the nation.

Along with her interest in developing strong leaders, she has a passion for renewable energy and environmental justice. Her long term vision is to lead a major philanthropic effort focused on environmental justice and on developing energy plus environments as a norm.


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