Six Quick Tips to Make Your Life Simpler!

In todays world, it seems that from the moment we open our eyes our emails are flooded, our budget is tempted by the five thousand daily advertisements we are exposed to throughout the day, and we somehow have to maintain a healthy diet, workout, and maybe even a social life. A fair share of life hacks can release some pressure from day to day and our Triton office in San Diego has put some ideas together to help bring some ease to your life.


Image by Cuba Gallery via Nature, Flickr

Failing to plan is planning to fail

Whether you can find ten or two minutes to spare, taking a moment to schedule your day, goals, priorities, etc. can help prevent any derailing of “the plan” and create a logical order for how to take on one task at a time. Some of our Triton office finds use in planning the night before. Aside from the sheer satisfaction one gains from crossing off an item on a to do list, getting a vision for the day and waking up ready to take on San Diego one hour at a time. Others enjoy using this wonderfully advanced 215 technology at our fingertips. Ranging from our pre installed Google Calendar (with events that can sync to your computer, gmail, and cloud) to more advanced planners such as Todoist (for those delegating multiple tasks) or Tempo, one app that syncs events to relevant conversations in your email. These few plus hundreds of others come well equipped with personable alarms and, of course, a full spectrum of color coding for your organizational satisfaction. Take the time to plan each task according to the hour for the next week and see how your tasks will nearly cross themselves off.


photo by Jez Nicholzon, Sprint006 plan via Flickr

Rid yourself of Excess things AND thought

Our San Diego office must constantly be kept tidy in order for Triton to run smoothly. Start with cleaning your car, purse, desk, bathroom, and any nook that collects mail you avoid reading or simply unnecessary chapstick’s, pens, etc. It seem that the way to clear your mind starts with the tangible life around you. Furthermore, rid yourself of excess thoughts! Eliminate overthinking for anything our of your control and let go of things that aren’t meant to be. You will find yourself being more productive and spending mental energies on things that can be impacted.

Live sustainably

As a Solar company of course we think about how to live sustainably when it comes to energy, but what about with our own bodies? This starts small. Things that we normally overlook as being important and rely on habit can actually be overcomplicated. For example, getting enough sleep and being healthy can contribute exponentially to the smooth running of your life. By paying attention to how many and what kind of meals you eat in a day (no caffeine after a certain time, having a couple snacks to boost energy throughout the day, starting your morning with a cold glass of water), and by trying to fit in at least a fifteen minute workout in the morning or night, and even by achieving the seemingly impossible goal of 7 hours of sleep a night – you will see a difference in your own capabilities. The Triton office has stayed healthy during flu season with multivitamins and carrying reusable water bottles to get enough water throughout the day because there is nothing like a debilitating cold or flu keeping you from reaching your goals. Get on a schedule for eating sleeping and working out. Your body will thank you and the routine will take away the daily stress!

Learn to Say “NO”

Whether the response is In regards to a beer after work with coworkers when you KNOW you have frozen groceries in the car and a taped episode of True Detective or to that final task from your boss with an unreasonable deadline that will cause your life to be spread just a little too thin. Know your own limits and learn the importance in not setting yourself up for failure.


Photo by Grzegorz Grzesiak via relax Flickr

Spend time with the right people
The power of networks and surroundings can be often underestimated. It is a common theory that “you are the five people you surround yourself with” Give and take a couple of people or relationships, this seems to continuously prove true. Triton San Diego believes fully in a well-balanced life style. Between people who are proactive, carry on exploding conversations, and hardworking, we find that the office itself provides an entrepreneurial mentality that we strive under. Whether its becoming a Parisian chef or a comedian, spend time with people who have either been their/done that or that are driven to their own goals and subsequently support yours.


We hope this helps! For more tips and insight into Triton Inc. San Diego check out our website.

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